How Many Calories In A Kit Kat Bar?

One miniature Kit Kat bar weighing about 10 grams yields about 52 calories.  While this may not seem like a lot of calories, eating several at a time can pack on the weight. A regular sized candy bar of this variety weighs about 78 grams and offers just over 400 calories.  This is fairly typical of most candy bars.

A Kit Kat is a popular candy bar that is made of a wafer-like cooking and chocolate.  The candy bar comes in a variety of sizes and weights, resulting in a large variation in calories.  Before eating that Kit Kat bar, especially if cutting back on your calories, it is good to know how many calories are in a Kit Kat bar. 
A Kit Kat bar typically is packaged as one bar that is divided into four to five sticks.  One stick offers about 100 calories, while two sticks yields just over 200 calories.  In order to cut down the number of calories consumed, it is best to avoid eating the entire candy bar.  Eating one or two sticks of the Kit Kat bar can greatly reduce the number of calories consumed.

If you really want to cut back on Kit Kat bar calories, opt for the miniatures which are only 50 calories a piece.  Eating one or two to curb your sweet tooth will usually do the trick.

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