How Many Calories In A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

Ahhhhh yes - the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. You can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese. Toss in some tomato basil soup and you have a tasty meal perfect for lunch or even dinner. So how many calories in a grilled cheese sandwich are there? Let’s break it on down.

Bread varies greatly in calorie content, but two slices of white bread typically have 140 calories each for a total of 240. One ounce of American cheese has about 110 calories in it. It should be noted that the average grilled cheese has two ounces of cheese in it to you can tack on another 110 for a cheesy total of 220. So add up the bread of 240 and the cheese of 220 and you’ve got yourself a pretty hefty total of 460 calories in a grilled cheese sandwich. Not too good for all of you dieters out there looking to keep your calorie count down as well as your waist size.

The trick to enjoying a grilled cheese is to use low fat and low calorie ingredients. You can go into just about any grocery store and buy 45 calorie per slice wheat bread and low fat cheese that has just 160 calories for every two ounces. This extra healthy version of the grilled cheese sandwich as just 240 calories in it. That’s about 50% less calories than the traditional grilled cheese. It also tastes great too!

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