How Many Calories In A Glass Of Merlot?

Merlot is the most popular red wine in the entire world. There are literally hundreds of different brands to choose from. But how many calories in a glass of Merlot are there? This is a question asked by dieters all the time.

The answer is approximately 121 calories. This number varies on brand. The calorie data was derived using a five ounce serving size. Merlot’s calories are about in the middle compared to other red wines, which range from 110-130 per five ounce serving. 121 calories isn’t much if you’re going to enjoy a single glass of wine now and then. But consume any more than that and the numbers start adding up.

Merlot, along with other red wines, are considered healthier than white wines because of higher antioxidant levels. Antioxidants protect the body’s cells from free radical damage that cause sickness and disease. Weight loss experts will tell you that avoiding it altogether is best for weight loss, but consuming a few glasses of red wine per week will certainly not derail your weight loss efforts.

As long as you count the calories within you calorie budget then you should be fine. You’ll just have to burn the glass or two off on the treadmill. One glass of Merlot would take about 10-15 minutes to burn off.

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