How Many Calories In A Gin And Tonic?

There are about 175 calories in a Gin and Tonic cocktail that has been traditionally made.  If you are trying to cut back on your calorie content, without throwing out your gin, try diet soda.

You may already be making sacrifices when it comes to food, but what about your drink?  On a Friday night, after a hard week of work, you may be looking forward to having your favorite cocktail, but dread the calories that come along with it. A gin and tonic is a popular drink that can be made with diet soda in an effort to cut back on calories.

The standard gin and tonic carries as many calories as a regular draft beer!  Not many women, or physical fit conscious men want to consume that many calories in one drink.  Gin is relatively low in calories and in just one ounce there are about 60 calories total.  It is what is mixed with the gin that can really pack on the calories.

Tonic water is extremely high in sugar which is why the calories sky rocket when added to gin.  In an effort to cut calories, try mixing your gin with a diet soda or even diet soda water.  This will keep the calories below 100 per glass.  You may even decide to have two drinks with the calories that low!


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