How Many Calories In A Cupcake?

A Cupcake has 320 calories - BUT that number is not the same for all cupcakes!

Strawberry Cupcake - Here’s the reality…
Cupcakes can either be your sweet friend or your devilish foe. It really depends if you are preparing the cupcake at home or if you are buying it from a bakery.
One bakery cupcake can contain over 550 calories while a homemade cupcake can have under 300 calories, and yes, that’s with frosting. Not forgetting to mention the grams of fat per serving. Cupcakes purchased from the grocery store bakery or from a cake bakery contain more than 15 grams of fat per cupcake serving. 
You’d be better off buying cake mix at the store and using that to bake cupcakes at home. Homemade cupcakes contain just a few grams of fat, fewer than 300 calories and far less sugar.

The benefit of baking these cupcakes at home is that you have more control over the ingredients – especially the frosting. You can choose to put less frosting on your cupcakes which will make your cupcake treat that much more guilt-free.

Put forth the effort and bake your cupcakes. You will slash hundreds of calories per cupcake and burn a few calories making them.

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