How Many Calories In A Croissant?

Croissants are a breakfast favorite at the office and home. Nothing says breakfast quite like a warm croissant and a hot cup of coffee. So how many calories are in a croissant?

An average (medium) two ounce croissant has approximately 250 calories in it.
This number varies depending on the recipe and the size. For example, Costco has a very popular brand of croissants that come pre-packaged. These are bigger than two ounces and have more preservatives in them. The calorie count for a Costco brand of croissant is a whopping 340 calories per croissant. Each box contains 18. That means after going through a box you have consumed 6120 calories.

As you can see, croissants should only be enjoyed sparingly at most. They are really nothing more than a buttery pastry void of any nutrition. It’s okay to enjoy one every so often, but not as a breakfast staple.

If you want to enjoy a croissant without blowing your diet you can purchase low fat and reduced calorie croissants at the supermarket. Pillsbury makes a reduced fat croissant that has only 90 calories. Sure they are not quite as good, but they have only 90 calories compared to the 340 in the Costco brand.
A Pillsbury low fat croissant along with some eggs whites and reduced fat cheese would make for a pretty healthy breakfast.

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