How Many Calories In A Crab Cake?

Crab Cakes are a delicious snack used for many occasions. If you want to know how many calories are in a crab cake the answer lies in how it is prepared. As with most foods, there are healthy and not so healthy versions. Crab cakes are filled with crab meat and a variety of ingredients such as butter, spices, and eggs. They are prepared in a variety of ways including deep fried, baked or grilled.

The typical deep fried crab cake has quite a few calories. Just one can have packed into it over 400 calories with 32 grams of fat and nearly 80 mg of cholesterol. A healthy version of a crab cake that is grilled or baked and has margarine and egg whites instead of butter and eggs, has only 4 grams of fat and 100 calories.

As you can see, the number of calories in a crab cake depend on the way it is cooked and the ingredients. Crab cakes are often served at sea food restaurants as entrees or side dishes. Restaurant style crab cakes typically are deep fried and typically fall in the category of unhealthy. They range anywhere from 300-500 calories per serving. The best way to enjoy crab cakes is to infuse healthy ingredients into them or only eat one at a time as a stand alone meal.


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