How Many Calories In A Corona?

There are only 99 calories in Corona Light this is for a one bottle serving.

Corona Light is becoming one of the most popular beers ordered in bars and clubs across the globe.  Not only does it taste great to beer drinkers, but is relatively low in calories.

Compared to other beers, Corona Light is considered to be low calorie.  With less than 100 calories per bottle, Corona Light is a great drink for someone trying to cut back on the number of calories they consume. If you are trying to lose weight or cut back on the number of calories you take in, it is best to stick to just one bottle.  Over-indulging on Corona Light can provide adverse effects.
Why sabotage your dieting efforts for one evening out?

Drinking just one Corona Light will provide you with less calories than drinking two or more.  Also, there are only 5 grams of carbs in one bottle of Corona Light, so the calories are not all derived from the carb count. Corona Light is a good choice in alcohol if you are trying to lose weight and reduce your calorie and carb intake.

Since there are not that many calories in Corona Light, many women are beginning to enjoy the beer.  More and more female drinkers are ordering Corona Light at the bar and the company is beginning to take notice and market to the female population.


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