How Many Calories In A Corn Muffin?

Corn Muffin - sounds pretty healthy right? But just how many calories are in a corn muffin? Corn muffins come in all shapes and sizes so the answer varies. But for the most part, corn muffins are much healthier sounding than they really are.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient database, your typical corn muffin made from a dry mix has about 90 calories for every ounce. Most large corn muffins are between five and eight full ounces. That means a large corn muffin can have between four hundred and fifty to seven hundred and twenty calories each. Ouch!

Many BBQ restaurants serve delicious corn muffins before you get your meal. You probably guessed it already, but these bad boys are not healthy either. These corn muffins are more like cake with a little corn mixed in. So what’s the damage on these? The typical large restaurant corn muffin has 700 calories in it. Some restaurants serve the small ones, which are about half the calorie content, but most people end up eating more than one anyway.

Low fat corn muffin recipes that use egg whites, low fat margarine, and non-fat buttermilk can cut the calorie count in half. It may not taste quite as good, but you’ll save a ton on the calories. One five ounce, low fat corn muffin will run about 300 calories.


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