Are Clif Bars Healthy?

A lot of people buy Clif bars, but are they healthy or filled with unnecessary sugar and fat?

For the most part, Clif bars contain a lot of organic ingredients.  The company that manufacturers Clif bars reports and substantiates their organic claim by promoting the natural ingredients that are good for you. However, Clif bars do contain a lot of sugar that the body does not need.  Yes, sugar is organic (or can be), but your body doesn't necessarily need it to be more healthy.

About 70% of the Clif bar ingredients is good for you the other 30% your body doesn't need.  Sugar, fat and refined carbs are not good for a person.  While there are some nutrients and vitamins in the Clif bars, there is not enough to supply you with the daily requirements.

In Clif bars defense, there is a lot of fiber. The fiber content has a tendency to fill you up and keep your stomach fuller for longer periods of time.  You will feel less hungry throughout the day after consuming a Clif bar and as a result, be less likely to eat in between meals. This is great for dieters who are trying to restrict calories.

Clif bars can be good for regulation and keeping the digestive tract working properly. Reduced bloating, cramping and stomach upset can occur from regular amounts of fiber, therefore Clif bars are healthy in this respect.

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