How Many Calories In A Chocolate Muffin?

Chocolate Muffins taste great, and are enjoyed as a breakfast food or snack. Knowing how many calories in a chocolate muffin is difficult because they come in a variety of recipes and sizes. For example, a chocolate muffin at Costco has a staggering 690 calories in it. This is the extreme end of the spectrum where the muffin is more like a piece of cake.

Then there are other recipes that consist of 150-300 calories per muffin. Most of these are smaller in size and do not use as much sugar and oil. Chocolate muffins, and any muffins for that matter, are deceptive. People generally think of muffins as healthy, when in reality they can be as unhealthy as pastries and desserts.

If you're planning on losing weight, it is important to read the nutrition labels when purchasing muffins from a store. Most of these are made with very unhealthy ingredients including enriched flour, sugar and oil. They are also packed with preservatives to help them maintain their taste and longer shelf life.
If you want to enjoy chocolate muffins, the best way is to look up a healthy recipe or purchase a healthy variety from the grocery store.

Losing weight is all about boundaries not abstinence. That means you can enjoy a chocolate muffin every now and then. The healthiest breakfast includes fruits, whole grains and protein.

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