How Many Calories In A Chipotle Burrito?

Wondering how many calories in a Chipotle Burrito? If you were hoping for a low number, you might want to close your eyes right now.

There are anywhere from 900-1300 calories in a chipotle burrito. That’s over one-half of the calories you need in a day. The calorie factor really depends on the ingredients, tortilla and the meat used in this tasty Mexican favorite. The flour tortilla contains around one-third of the calories with the meat also containing a third. The rest of calories come from the guacamole, sour cream, pinto beans, black beans, salsa and grilled peppers and onions. You can slim down your chipotle burrito without sacrificing the great taste. Here are a few ways to do that.

Opt for a chicken chipotle burrito instead of pork or steak. Chicken contains essential amino acids, the type of amino acids our body cannot produce by itself. Chicken also has far less calories than beef. If reduced-fat sour cream is an option, then go for that instead. Reduced-fat sour cream uses a combination of milk and cream instead of just plain cream. This will save you over 40 calories per dollop. While you’re at it, see if you can downsize the flour tortilla.

Try not to waste many calories on the part that’s supposed to keep the contents of your burrito in. Burritos use larger tortillas than tacos. By using a smaller tortilla, you can slash 75-150 calories from your burrito. Steer clear from adding too much guacamole as it is very fattening. Guacamole is a good fat, but fat is fat – and you know fat is high in calories.

On another note, watch how much cheese you stuff in your chipotle burrito. Sure enough, cheese will add flavor, but just one ounce of cheese will also tact on 100 calories.

While chipotle burritos are not considered healthy, you can still munch on this Mexican dish once in a while given that you make some attempt to cut some calories.


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