How Many Calories In A Chicken Wing?

Nothing says “America” more like the good old-fashioned chicken wing. They have reached iconic status in this country. We even have eating contests to see who can eat the most in one sitting.

Chicken wings have their own restaurants and television shows. Each year Americans consume millions. But how many calories are in a chicken wing exactly? Let’s take a look:

Chicken wings are prepared in a variety of ways. The most popular is fried. One fried chicken wing with the skin has 62 calories. With the sauce you can add an additional 20 calories for a total of 82 calories per wing. That may seem low, but consider that a person can easily eat 5-10 wings so you’re looking at anywhere from 400-800+ calories.

Baked chicken wings are healthier alternatives than their fried counter parts. A baked chicken wing has approximately 40 calories per wing with the skin. That does not include sauce. With the sauce you can add an additional 20 calories.

Chicken wings are a great source of protein, and can be relatively healthy if you bake them and cut down on the sauce and dipping sauces like ranch. A Skinless, baked chicken wing without sauce has 25 calories in it, making for the healthiest version out there. Chicken wings can even be a healthy part of a balanced diet as long as you prepare them in a healthy way.

Suzanne Somers

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