How Many Calories In A Chicken Thigh?

Looking for the number of calories in a Chicken Thigh?  How about the number of calories with and without skin?  Read on to discover how many calories are in a chicken thigh, both with and without skin. Of course, a chicken thigh that is still in its skin is going to cost you especially when we are talking about calories.

In one standard sized chicken thigh with skin there are about 220 calories.  Remove that skin from the chicken thigh and you nearly cut the calories in half, offering just 115 calories. A chicken thigh does not contain a lot of meat so it is often overlooked when picking out pieces of chicken, however, because of the low number of calories, chicken thighs can be a perfect source of protein for those trying to lose weight.

Compared to some of the other fatty chicken pieces, chicken thighs with the skin removed can be a great lean protein source. The key to keeping the calories low on chicken is how you prepare it.  If you are throwing the pieces in a deep fat fryer with loads of oil, you can expect to pack on the calories.
One of the best ways to prepare chicken is on the grill.  The fat will drip of the chicken pieces and leave you with a low-cal piece of meat.

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