How Many Calories In A Can Of Coke?

Coke is Americas favorite soda by a long shot. In fact, Coke and Diet Coke are the soda beverages of choice when it comes to soda popularity. Regular Pepsi comes in third. So how many calories in a can of Coke are there? It depends on the type of Coke were talking about.

Coke classic has 97 calories per eight ounce can. Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Cherry Coke and Diet/Caffeine Free Coke all have zero calories in them. Cherry Coke has 100 calories in it per eight ounce can. Vanilla Coke has 100 calorie in it per eight ounce can as well.

Now that you know how many calories in Coke you can see how fast the calories add up. In fact, many people who quit drinking soda and change nothing else about their diet end up losing weight. Soda is nothing but empty calories and sugar that are converted right into fat.

Even diet soda with no calories may be bad for you. Studies show that people who consume two or more diet sodas per day are twice as likely to be obese, suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other health problems.
So its best to consume soda as a treat and not your main source of liquid consumption. And if you do drink soda make sure you still drink at least 8 glasses of water.


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