How Many Calories In A California Roll?

In one California Roll there are approximately 260 calories, of which 8 grams are fat and 9 grams are protein. The majority of the calories in a California roll come from the white sticky rice.?California Roll Sushi has become as popular in America as in Japan.  Some of the more classic preparations of sushi in American culture include the California roll. This is an alternative to raw-fish sushi and has been Americanized with ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, rice and occasionally crab meat.

Most sushi rolls are considered to be low in calories and fat. They are considered to be quite healthy, with the exception of the Americanized versions. A California roll can be high in calories but is much less than eating a fast-food hamburger or hot dog.

If you are trying to cut back on your calories, preparing a healthy California roll can be done.  Using brown rice or whole grain rice will cut the calories in a California roll by nearly 30%.  Also, avoid using mayonnaise based dipping sauces or fatty spreads on your California roll. If you eliminate the avocado and use cucumber, a julienne carrot and lettuce, you will also be able to conserve on calories. California rolls can be prepared low in calories yet very filling.  The key is to keep the portions under control and never over-do it, no matter how hungry you are.

Suzanne Somers

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