How Many Calories In A Cadbury Creme Egg?

Easter recently passed and chances are you indulged in a delicious Cadbury Creme Egg. If you didn't, or never hear of them before, they are a chocolate egg about 3 inches long that are filled with creamy caramel. They are so good that its difficult to eat just one. So how many calories in a Cadbury creme egg are there? Read on to find out

One Cadbury creme egg has 150 calories in it. That's might not seem too bad, but remember that they can be eaten in about two bites. So its really easy to eat 3-4 in one sitting. Down 3-4 and you've just consumed 450-600 calories of sugar and fat. Cadbury eggs should be enjoyed even by people who are trying to lose weight and be healthy.

Losing weight is about moderation. Its about having a healthy relationship with food. That means you should be able to eat 90-95% of your meals in a healthy fashion and splurge 5-10% of the time.

Cadbury eggs, as well as any other food, can be part of a balanced diet albeit a very small part of a healthy diet. If you eat more Cadbury eggs than regular eggs you are probably out of balance just a little bit. Knowing how many calories in a Cadbury creme egg there are is useful information when it comes to helping you lose weight.

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