How Many Calories In A Brownie?

In one two-inch square piece of brownie dessert there are about 250 calories.  Brownies are a traditional chocolate cake-like snack that, if made traditionally, yields 220-280 calories per piece.

Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies can be made lighter and offer a lot less calories.  If using egg whites, instead of the entire egg that contains a yolk, and olive oil in place of other oil alternatives, the calories can be cut nearly in half.  It is important to read the packaging if you are trying to cut calories and want to use pre-packaged brownie mix.

Homemade brownies can be made using cocoa, egg whites and olive oil, along with flour and sugar.  Brownies are not the best snack if you are trying to cut calories and lose weight, however, limiting your consumption will help keep the calories low.

If you are trying to keep the calories low when eating brownies, remember to measure your brownie square before eating and only eat one!  Most people find themselves overeating brownies because it is easy to do so.  One square turns into four and before you know it, you have consumed over 1000 calories in one sitting.

Fiber One offers a low calorie brownie mix that yields a two-inch square of brownie for just 90 calories.  These brownies do contain more fiber than the traditional mix, so it is important to watch the number of brownies you eat to avoid problems.

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