How Many Calories In A Bagel With Cream Cheese?

A bagel with cream cheese usually has 400 calories.

How many calories in a bagel with cream cheese will depend on a number of factors.
    •    bagel Size 
    •    bagel brand 
    •    type of cream cheese 
    •    additional condiments 
For starters, let’s begin with the size of the bagel. Normally, a bagel is five to six inches in diameter. Smaller bagels will comprise of fewer calories while larger bagels will have many more. This is because of the flour content – more flour means a larger bagel – and a larger bagel means more calories.

As for bagel brands, look for brands that are reduced fat or low-fat printed on the labeling. Most grocery stores have this. Plain bagels are more likely to have the reduced fat labeling than bagels with seeds and raisins.

A bagel with cream cheese increases the number of calories in a bagel. Steer clear of the cream cheese if you are trying to watch your weight and calorie intake.

Cream cheese on a bagel adds 50 – 100 calories to an already high calorie bagel. If you cannot resist cream cheese on a bagel, you can opt for a whipped cream cheese to spare you some calories. Whipped cream cheese is healthier because air is blended in.

It is common to add butter and jelly to a bagel already lathered with cream cheese. This can add another 100 calories making the bagel an unhealthy breakfast chock full of fat and calories. If you want to keep the bagel under 400 calories, go for a normally sized bagel and use one serving of cream cheese. You can save even more calories going for a mini-bagel and using less cream cheese.

Suzanne Somers

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