How Many Calories In 100 Grams Of Chicken?

Chicken is one of the most popular and diverse foods around. Health professionals laud the benefits of chicken because it has a lot of protein and is often low in fat and calories depending on how it is prepared. Many chicken packages often cite 100 grams as a typical serving size. So that leads to the question of how many calories in 100 grams of chicken?

The answer to that depends on what type of chicken. 100 grams of chicken is typically a 3.5 inch breast. 100 grams of a white meat chicken breast has approximately 170 calories in it. This number is derived from a skinless all-white chicken breast that is baked boiled or grilled without adding anything to it. One 3.5 inch piece of dark meat chicken has about 220 calories in in. Dark meat chicken has more fat and calories than white meat chicken, but has the same amount of protein in it.

Chicken can be part of a very healthy diet as long as you are careful about how you prepare it. Adding a lot of ingredients to your chicken dish can make the calorie content add up fast.

Diet experts recommend that you consume all-white chicken breast meat that is lightly prepared in a teaspoon of olive oil and served with vegetables and a side dish such as brown rice. This provides protein, carbohydrates and plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

Suzanne Somers

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