How Many Calories Does A Chicken Breast Have?

Wondering how many calories does a chicken breast have? This is a good question because a grilled, skinless chicken breast is one of the most popular diet foods available. Chicken breast is lean, low in calories and provides the body with a lot of protein.

In one grilled chicken breast that has the skin removed there are about 180 calories.  This is a standard, four-ounce sized chicken breast. However, the goodness of chicken from a dieting standpoint really depends on how you prepare it.  Fried chicken is not as good for you and contains a lot more calories than a grilled breast.

In one fried chicken breast with the skin there are about 500-600 calories depending on how it is prepared.  Most people eat a half of a chicken breast if it is very large and consume half the calories.

Boiling chicken is not the most popular means of preparing chicken, however, the calories are considerably lower when preparing chicken in this manner.  In one boiled chicken breast, four ounce size, there are about 220 calories.  Boiling removes a lot of the excess fat, but not as well as grilling the piece of  meat.

Baked or boiled chicken is much better for you because it contains much less fat and calories than fried chicken.

Suzanne Somers

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