How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing?

It’s true that the amount of calories you burn varies by activity. While standing does burn more calories than just sitting, the difference is not all that much. It also depends on your weight, height, and metabolism.

An average female weighing 130 pounds with an average build would burn 800 calories working at a desk for an eight hour period. If she were to do the exact same amount of work but switch to a standing position she would burn approximately 1050. That equates to an additional 250 calories burned during an eight hour period. That averages out to a little over 31 extra calories per hour standing compared to sitting.

Again, there are several factors to consider when figuring out the number of calories burned standing. One of those factors is your current weight. The more you weigh, the more calories your body burns standing because it is forced to work harder and expend more energy. Let’s add one hundred pounds to our previous example and see how many calories a 230 pound person burns while standing. Let’s say an average built 230 pound male worked an eight our shift sitting the entire time. He would burn about 1420 calories. If he stood that number would jump to 1850. That’s a difference of 430 calories. That is quite a significant number over eight hours. That’s an additional 53.75 calories burned per hour.


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