How Many Calories Do You Burn Snowboarding?

The average person will burn 275-650 calories per hour while snowboarding. The numbers vary based upon several factors such as weight, age, size, gender and overall fitness level. Generally, the larger and more in shape you are the more calories you burn. The 275 calorie per hour total is based upon a 120 pound female with an average build. Their bodies do not need as much energy to snowboard because of their size.

The 650 calorie count is based upon a 200 pound adult male. The number of calories will also vary based upon the type of snowboarding and the skill level of the snowboarder. Recreational snowboarding burns 40-50% less calories than someone engaged in rigorous snowboarding that entails steep hills, sharp turns, jagged terrain and jumps. Competitive snowboarding burns many more calories.

If you want to increase your calories burned while snowboarding you can increase the level of difficulty as well as engaging your muscles by keeping your body tight during a run. Snowboarding burns so many calories because it utilizes many of the body’s major muscle groups including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core and the upper body.

Snowboarding is truly a whole-body workout that is fun to do. An entire day snowboarding can result in burning several thousand calories. It is important to keep hydrated and nourished because of the physical demands and the inclement weather.

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