How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Tennis?

Playing Tennis is one of the most grueling workouts you can engage in. It’s also a ton of fun too. So how many calories do you burn playing tennis? Of course that number varies greatly depending on your size, age, fitness level, and level of intensity.

Because there are so many variables the numbers are vast. The average person will burn between 250-800 calories per hour while playing tennis.
The biggest variable is intensity. If you’re playing a real game of tennis at full speed and intensity with an above average level of ability you will burn at least 400 calories per hour.

Tennis provides an excellent all around workout that builds strength and increases cardiovascular conditioning. The game involves short bursts of energy that require the use of all major muscle groups. It is very similar to interval training because of the high intensity bursts of energy followed by short period of rests.

One of the other benefits of tennis is that your body’s metabolism will stay in an elevated state for up to four hours after playing an intense match. That means your body will still be burning calories at an accelerated rate. It’s like you’re working out without working out!

If you’re playing tennis in the warm weather make sure you stay properly hydrated. Drinking plenty of cold water while you play will also increase the number of calories you burn.

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