How Many Calories Do You Burn Lifting Weights?

Lifting Weights has long been a favorite activity for individuals looking to build muscle and burn fat. But how many  calories do you burn lifting weights? It depends on your current fitness level, type of weightlifting exercise performed, gender, and size.

Compared to running or riding a bicycle, lifting weights actually stacks up pretty well in the calorie burn department. Riding a bicycle or running burns about 11 calories per minute. Lifting weights burns between 8-10 calories per minute. That’s not too shabby. This shows that lifting weights provides a dual benefit of burning calories and building muscle. Those two things combined are the ultimate recipe for fat loss.

In recent years there has been a movement into performing strength training exercises while also getting a great cardiovascular workout. This “functional fitness” movement relies on quick movement utilizing weights or body weight to build explosiveness. These types of workouts burn as much as 15-18 calories per minutes.

For example, performing box jumps onto a 12 inch box for a minute straight will burn up to as much as 22 calories per minute. In addition, this type of exercise builds muscle, which will increase your calorie burn because it takes more energy to operate muscle than fat. Your body gets into the cycle of building muscle, which burns more calories. It’s best to focus on major muscle groups when lifting weights to burn more calories.


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