How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Sauna?

You may not burn as many calories in a sauna as you may think.  The sauna is not designed to cause you to burn calories and lose weight, but rather to remove toxins from your body through perspiration.  However, because your body heats up in a sauna, it does require energy to keep your core temperature at an optimal level.  With this said, it does require calories and you do burn calories while sitting in a sauna.

On average a person may burn anywhere between 200-400 calories while sitting in a sauna for thirty minutes.  This number can greatly vary because of a wide number of variables, which include the person’s weight, fitness level, resting heart rate, BMI, age and gender.  A person that is overweight may not burn as many calories as a person who is the same age and sex but is in good shape.

The health benefits of a sauna may include weight loss, but a person does not typically lose fat while sitting in a sauna. Water weight is typically lost and the moment water is consumed, the weight may be back on.  Saunas should not be used to manage weight loss and shed pounds, but simply to improve the body’s fluid flow and processes.  Doctors discourage the use of saunas for anyone with a heart condition or women who are pregnant.

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