How Many Calories Do You Burn Hula Hooping?

The number of calories you burn doing anything is all relative depending on the effort you exert, your size, gender, and overall fitness. With that said, the average person burns between 70-100 calories every ten minutes when hula hooping.

Hula Hooping is an activity done by most children, but few adults. It’s actually quite a vigorous workout that utilizes many of the body’s major muscle groups including core and legs. It’s also quite a rigorous cardiovascular workout which means you are going to tone muscle and burn fat.

There are estimates out there that claim you can burn as many as 800-1000 calories per hour. While this is possible, it is highly improbable. People who can burn that many calories hula hooping have a high skill set and are in elite physical condition.

The average “Joe” burns around 300-600 calories per hour hula hooping. This is because the activity is very difficult to sustain for a length of 60 minutes. Many people either do not have the skill or physical stamina to hula hoop that long. This results in a lot of starting and stopping.

If you want to burn more calories hula hooping you can try doing short bursts followed by short stints of rest. This type of exercise is known as interval training. It helps you body burn calories for up to three hours after you are done because your metabolism is revved up.

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