How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing P90X?

In one hour of P90X you can burn nearly 500 calories.

Here’s how…
This high impact design of P90X is geared toward burning more calories.
P90X home workout is designed to keep you moving and burning energy while engaging your muscles and increasing mass.  The program is also designed to target just about every single muscle in the body and as a result, burns a lot of calories. The calories burned varies depending on the individual’s level of fitness and heart rate.  P90X is made to elevate the heart rate and as a result, burn calories.

If you are terribly out of shape, the program may be very difficult to keep up and you may not burn as many calories, but once your level of fitness improves you should be able to burn a comfortable 500 calories in one hour.

Most routines on P90X last between 60-90 minutes.  They start out at a mid-to-high pace and continue at a high intensity. There is not a lot of rest and the moves require the entire body to be engaged. The more work you put into each program, the more calories you will burn.  If you take it slow and rest in between moves, you may only burn 300 calories per session, as opposed to the 500 calories per hour the program is designed for.

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