How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Insanity?

The average person burns anywhere from 800-1,100 calories per hour doing the Insanity workout. The number of calories you burn varies depending on your fitness level, gender, size and intensity level during the workout.

Insanity comes with 10 DVDs each lasting anywhere from 30-86 minutes. During the 30 minute DVD most people burn 400-550 calories. Completing the 86 minute DVD can burn up to as many as 1,500 calories. Most of the DVDs are between 40 and 55 minutes.

Insanity burns so many calories because it’s based on intense interval training designed to burn calories at a rapid rate. The program combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises into one fat burning workout. If you want to burn even more calories doing insanity all you need to do is pick up your intensity level. Also, be sure to drink some cold water during your workout as well. That will increase the calorie burn and keep you hydrated.

Insanity is the latest workout fitness program to hit the market. The program is based on intense interval training sessions featuring long stretches of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest. The great thing about Insanity is that your body will continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate up to 3-4 hours after you have finished because your metabolism is still revved up. Over time your body’s resting metabolism will increase meaning your body will burn more calories even in a state of rest.

Suzanne Somers

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