How Many Calories Do Jumping Jacks Burn?

Jumping Jacks are a favorite exercise of kids and PE teachers everywhere. You don’t see many adults performing them, but they are an effective way to get a great cardiovascular workout. But how many calories do Jumping Jacks burn?

There are a variety of factors including sex, age, physical activity level, weight, and height. It also depends how fast you perform the Jumping Jacks. For example, a 200 man with an average build will burn approximately 15 calories doing jumping jacks for a minute. Stretch that into a five minute interval and he will burn about 65 calories. A 140 pound woman will burn less calories doing jumping jacks because she is smaller. She will burn about 10 calories doing jumping jacks for one minute. A five minute interval will yield approximately 45 calories.

Let’s say both the male and female in our examples did Jumping Jacks for one hour. They would each burn 770 and 530 calories respectively. That’s quite a few calories over one hour.

Jumping Jacks are so effective at fat and calories burning because they incorporate the entire body. They may seem like an exercise for little kids, but they are a great way to burn fat and build muscle. Some people even use ankle and wrist weights to increase the intensity and resistance. Others will use resistance bands on their ankles as well.

Suzanne Somers

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