Are Cashews Fattening?

Cashews are fattening if overeaten.  They can pack on a lot of extra calories and weight. In one ounce of cashews there are 12.5 grams of fat. The good news is that the fat is relatively good for you if eaten in moderation.

There is no cholesterol in cashews, which is why they are considered to be full of ‘good’ fat rather than ‘bad fat. Unsalted and salted cashews are relatively the same when it comes to fat content. The salt content does not change things. However, raw and natural nuts that do not contain salt are better for your heart than consuming loads of sodium.

If you are trying to lose weight or keep the pounds from packing on, you should watch your calorie intake. This means that instead of eating a cup size portion of cashews, you should think about restricting calories and the amount you eat. Stick to a couple of small handfuls rather than a cup of nuts. Keeping the portion size low will help prevent the fat from packing on.

There is a lot of protein found in cashews, which is another beneficial value of consuming them in small quantities. Eating nuts with a portion of fruit and veggies is a great, well-proportioned snack. You can also fill your stomach up with fruit rather than overeating cashews and packing on the extra fat.

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