How Many Calories Are In Broccoli?

In just one cup of chopped, steamed or fresh broccoli, there are about 35 calories. This may not seem like many calories, and you’re right!  Broccoli is considered one of the best diet foods available because it is highly filling and low in calories.

The general rule-of-thumb is that per ounce there are approximately 10 calories.  Broccoli can be eaten in large quantities because of the low-cal content and is typically seen on dieting menus or bodybuilding food plans.  There is no fat in broccoli, which makes it that much better to consume for fat or weight loss.

The best way to eat broccoli, in order to keep the calories low, is to consume it raw or steam it naturally.  This means that the ranch dipping sauces or high fat butter should be left off, unless you want to add another 100 calories or more per serving.  This also means that high-fat cheese sauces should be omitted from your steamed broccoli dish.  Eating broccoli with a dash of sea salt or lemon pepper is the best way to keep the calories low.

To some degree, broccoli contains a significant amount of fiber, compared to other veggies.  This means that you will feel fuller longer without adding more calories to your diet.  Broccoli is one of those miracle foods because it can be snacked on all day long without packing on the calories and weight.

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