How Many Calories Are In Breadsticks?

Breadsticks are often thought of as the perfect compliment to food items such as pizza, pasta, and salad. But just how many calories are in breadsticks you ask? The answer depends on the type of breadsticks. Many people enjoy breadsticks from their favorite restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Olive Garden.

Just one breadstick from Pizza Hut has a staggering 150 calories. Most people consume 2-3 breadsticks along with their meal. That’s 300-450 calories right there, and you haven’t even gotten to the main course yet. And that does not include any dipping sauces such as ranch or marinara.

Olive Garden breadsticks are also highly popular because of their soft texture and delicious right out of the oven taste. One Olive Garden breadstick has 140 calories in it, which makes it just about on par with the Pizza Hut breadstick.

Breadsticks that can be purchased at the store have even more calories most of the time. Ready to bake varieties of breadsticks can have as much as 190 calories per serving and five grams of fat each. The fat content is not so bad, but the high carbohydrate content is typically turned into fat by the body unless the calories are burned off right away.

It turns out that the delicious breadstick is far more than a harmless little piece of bread. It is a high calorie side dish that can lead to a lot of extra calories if you are not careful.

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