How Many Calories Are in an Egg White?

Fat and Weight Loss Experts agree that egg whites are one of the purest forms of protein and best foods to eat when trying to lose weight. Egg whites contain no fat, no cholesterol and are saturated with protein. Yet, if you are conscious of the amount of food you consume, you may be wondering how many calories are in an egg white and how many you should eat on a regular basis?

Based upon one large egg, the average egg white is approximately 17 calories. If you combine the yolk with the egg white, leaving everything intact, be prepared to consume a daring 75-85 calories depending on the size of the egg. Extra large eggs contain nearly 115 calories with the egg white and yolk either hard-boiled or poached. In order to keep the calorie content down, it is recommended that only the egg white be consumed.

Egg White Preparation
There are a variety of ways to prepare an egg white that does not involve the yolk. The calorie content may change depending on how the egg is prepared. To keep the calorie content at its lowest, it is best to remove the yolk before cooking or preparing.

Bodybuilders have enjoyed a glass of raw eggs blended their already protein-ridden shake for decades, but the risk of salmonella has deterred this protein-consuming technique from continuing. Doctors recommend cooking the eggs by hard-boiling for eight to ten minutes, frying the eggs in a pan or poaching them in water. Whatever method you prefer, egg white preparation can be simple and healthy, barring the eggs are cooked accordingly.

Fried eggs is hardly a notarized weight loss food, but if prepared correctly, they can be implemented into a healthy diet. Using a tablespoon of olive oil and separating the egg whites from the yolks can be a healthy and nutritious dish. Frying three to four egg whites in a pan is only 68 calories, plus that of the olive oil or light cooking spray. How many calories in an egg white is really determined by the size and what the protein source is cooked in.

Why Fitness Enthusiasts Love Egg Whites
The egg white is comprised of the perfect amount of nutrition and provides a meager 17 calories in each large sized egg. The egg white offers 3 to 6 grams of protein, 2 mg of calcium and 45 mg of potassium. The egg white is one of the purest forms of protein available and contains no fat or cholesterol to speak of. The fat and cholesterol content is primarily found in the yolk of the egg. In the largest of eggs, there is only one gram of carbohydrate in the entire egg white, making it one of the most sought after protein sources by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The protein found in eggs is ideal for building muscle and assisting with the wear and tear caused from lifting weights. Implementing a healthy portion of egg whites into your daily diet is just what the weight loss doctor ordered.

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