How Losing Weight Can Change Your Life!

Losing Weight has so much more to do than seeing numbers on a scale decrease. For most people, there are so many psychological and physical factors associated with the number on the scale. The weight transformation often causes a transformation that is psychological, spiritual, as well as physical. Let’s take a look at how losing weight can change your life.

Reduce Risk of Disease
People who are at their ideal weight according to the body mass index have less than half the chance at being a victim of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. The health risks of being overweight simply reinforce that humans were not designed to be fat.

Have More Energy
People who are overweight tend to have less energy. People who are at their ideal weight have more energy and can be more productive.

Increased Self-Esteem
Besides being healthier, higher self-esteem is probably the main reason people want to lose weight. Looking in the mirror day after day and not liking what you see takes a serious toll on your self-confidence. Many people who are overweight are treated unfairly and even ridiculed. It’s a fact that when the scale goes down the self-esteem goes up.

Increase in Confidence
Confidence is what enables people to meet their goals and reach their potential. When you look good on the outside, chances are you feel better on the inside too. Looking good in a pair of jeans obviously has some magical power that increases confidence.

Get that Promotion
Sociologists have done study after study that show people who are thin get paid more and receive better treatment by their bosses. If you want to move up the corporate ladder you should start hitting the climbing ladder at the gym. The effect is two-fold; thin people usually have more confidence that leads to better performance, and overweight people are often stereotyped as being lazy.

Easier Life
Doing the simple things in life is much easier when you are at your ideal weight. Things such as playing with your kids, bringing in the groceries, climbing the stairs, and getting in and out of your car become easy when you lose weight. Try doing your normal routine for a day with a backpack full of fifty pounds of rocks and see  how you feel.

Increased Happiness
It’s a proven fact that people who lose weight are happier than when they were heavier. They feel more empowered because they met their goal, and they are much happier with what they see in the mirror.

Food Has No Power
Many overweight people have an unhealthy relationship with food. They use it as a comfort mechanism by turning to it when things get difficult. When you lose weight you often break that power that food has over you and create a healthy relationship towards it.

Save Money
When you lose weight you decrease the odds of needing medical care. It’s also true that people who are at their ideal weight eat less, which will mean the grocery and dining out bill will go down, too.

Look Better
Let’s face it; you want to lose weight because you will look better. People who lose weight change physically and look better in and out of clothes. When you look better on the outside you are going to feel better on the inside.

Better Sleep
Overweight individuals suffer from sleep related disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia at over twice the rate of people who are at their ideal weight. Losing weight means you are going to get a lot better night’s sleep. Instead of waking up feeling like you got run over by a freight train, you will feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to conquer the day ahead.

Better Relationships
People who lose weight often see a turn for the better in terms of their relationships. That’s because they are better able to give and receive love because of the way they feel about themselves. Hurting people often hurt people. People who are healthy on the inside and the outside are better able to handle the dynamics required to have healthy relationships.


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