How Does Protein Help With Building Muscle?

Many people want to know how does protein build muscle. The answer lies in the anatomy and biology of the human body. Muscles are made up of protein. When you engage in physical exercise such as strength training, you work your muscles to the point where they become “traumatized.” Once you’ve worked your muscles they need protein to be built back up.

By taking protein immediately after you workout it is taken up into them muscles and used to repair and grow them. This process shows that muscle development and growth actually take place out of the gym through proper nutrition. Research also indicates that eating a protein heavy meal mixed with carbohydrates increases the protein absorption and helps muscles recover and grow quicker than just ingesting protein by itself.

Many people will consume a protein shake mixed with milk and a banana as a way to combine protein and quality carbs. Bananas also have potassium in them, which can help reduce muscle cramps.

As you can see, protein is necessary in the muscle development process. People trying to increase size and strength need to consume a protein heavy diet. It is especially important to consume protein within 30 minutes of a work out. Waiting longer causes the body to start using its own muscle tissue to repair damaged muscle tissue.

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