How Did 50 Cent Lose Weight?

50 Cent created a lot of internet buzz when he posted pictures of himself in an astonishingly thin state. The images were a far cry from the usually heavily muscled up rapper who wears his tough guy image on his sleeve like a badge of honor. 50 is no stranger to dramatic weight loss. He was shot nine times and had to have his jaw wired shut. This made it impossible for him to eat solid foods. He went on a liquid only diet and dropped several pounds.

But how did 50 cent lose weight this time around? And why did he do it? Many people thought he was anorexic or had cancer. None of those stories turned out to be true. He lost an astounding 54 pounds in just nine weeks for a movie role.

He was portraying a rapper/football player who eventually died of cancer. The story is about one of 50′s best friends. He dropped the weight so quickly by going on a liquid diet and running for three hours a day on the treadmill. He went from weighing 214 pounds of solid muscle to 160. He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. He researched other actors who had undergone physical transformations such as Tom Hanks, Christian Bale and others. He studied their methods and how they dealt with the severe hunger and starvation.

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