How Aggressive Food Tastes Can Make You Fatter

People seem to think that they can’t get lean if they don’t consume what the typical fitness buff eats. You might think of broccoli, chicken breasts, oatmeal, tuna and so on as the foods required for a successful diet.  However, if you’ve done your research, you don’t have to eat this type of menu. Here are some healthy ideas that have more appeal.

What you need to do is adjust your taste buds so you’ll enjoy natural foods and not the processed food you’re so used to eating. Most people can’t control their eating because they are so used to foods that are aggressive in nature. This is due to the high amount of additives and preservatives in the food you’re eating.

Most of our food has:
    •    Added sugars such as corn syrup, sweeteners and so on 
    •    High in trans-fats, processed fats, vegetable oils and other unhealthy oils 
    •    Flavor enhancers such as MSG and salt which are harmful when taken excessively

These aggressive food tastes have turned out taste buds towards these foods instead of the healthy, natural foods we should be eating. Watch people when you go out to eat. You’ll see them knowingly dump loads of sugar on coffee.
Diet drinks are another culprit because they contain harmful sweeteners. They are sweeter than regular soda and they don’t quench your thirst. It’s like your drinking something that’s completely syrup in nature. One recommendation I give to people who want my advice is to give up on sweetened beverages with meals. The calories you consume with those sweetened beverages can be excessively high. Try some unsweetened ice tea or just plain old water which we all should drink more of.

Here’s quiz to see if you have an addiction to tastes that are aggressive in nature:
1.     If you had a choice would you pick:
A)     Hot dog or sausage
B)     Chicken breast, steak, burger

2. Do you like:
A)  Sweetened, tea, coffee with sweeteners, or iced tea
B)  Tea or coffee that’s unsweetened

3. For dessert do you like:
A)   Fruit
B)   Ice cream, cake, or pie

4. If you prefer chocolate do you like:
A)  Milk chocolate
B)  Dark chocolate

If you have more A then B answers you might be addicted to aggressive style foods which might be adding to your waistline and weight problems. We have problems with these aggressive foods because they contain high levels of salt, MSG, processed fat, artificial sweeteners, sugar and this impacts your hormones. Do you want those extra calories that your body has no use for when you eat these types of food? It can be easy to eliminate these from your diet so you don’t crave them anymore.

I used to add sweeteners to my drinks several years ago just like many people. The only difference is that now I prefer the unsweetened version of the drinks I used to enjoy. I accomplished this by slowly reducing the sweetness of my beverages over time and then I got used to having these beverages without any sweetener at all. I enjoyed the natural taste of tea and coffee and not the sweetness like before. This is the real taste of natural food and not the additives we have all become so accustomed to.

Here are healthy eating recommendations for a better body:
    •    Enjoy eating real meat that isn’t processed.  Try chicken breasts, pork tenderloin or beef that’s grass-fed. You don’t need the additives of hot dogs, sausages, deli meats and others that are highly processed and aggressive in taste. 
    •    Enjoy drinking natural coffee and tea without the sweeteners. Use water and unsweetened beverage more often and eliminate the soda form your diet. Try to do this at least every other day and then work up to doing this each day. 
    •    Make use of the great taste of fresh herbs and spices when you cook and work towards eliminating salt. These herbs can flavor your food and are a much healthier option. 
    •    Try to resist cakes, pies, cookies and other sweets.  When you want something sweet aim for servings of fruit or go for a very-dark chocolate as a treat now and again.  These foods can be eliminated from your diet if you work at it. 
    •    Avoid food that’s deep-fried and try to avoid the starchy side-dishes that we are all so used to eating such a scalloped potatoes or mac and cheese dishes. 

If you make some simple steps, you’ll find that it’s much easier to enjoy healthy eating. Over time you can go to all natural foods all the time and you’ll never miss processed food and what it does to your body. Use these great ideas and enjoy your food!

Author Richard Lee

Suzanne Somers

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