Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Over the past decades, many intensive studies have been conducted about the benefits of drinking coffee.  In fact, many of these studies are ongoing.  These studies are conducted world-wide by well-known entities.  The research bodies of these studies are large, diverse groups of people who are studied for a number of years.  The current consensus from the recent and current studies is that coffee may have possible health benefits, and that coffee is not as bad as previous studies indicated.

The New Health Food
Coffee is loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants are known for their health benefits, including cancer fighting and anti-aging properties.  Most people will get the majority of dietary antioxidants (1,299 milligrams) from their daily cups of java, more so than they will reap from eating fruits, vegetables and beans, other top sources. The antioxidants, plus magnesium and chromium, and perhaps even the caffeine in coffee, are credited for what could make coffee the “new health food".

Decaf drinkers should not be discouraged, however.  Studies have also shown that drinking decaffeinated coffee may also have possible health benefits, although not of the same magnitude as drinking regular coffee.  The current stance is that people who drink coffee in moderation should not feel bad or guilty about drinking coffee.  This is because the large body of recent and current research shows that the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to drinking coffee in moderation.

Possible Health Benefits
The recent and current studies have shown that a daily cup of coffee has possible health benefits.  These benefits include a decrease in the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease in men, problems with heart rhythms, strokes, gallstones and cirrhosis of the liver.  These studies also suggest that drinking coffee may help manage and prevent asthma attacks, make headaches go away, prevent cavities and elevate moods.
In addition, these studies have shown that drinking coffee can balance the damage caused by smoking and heavy drinking.  One research scientist even said that children who drink coffee with milk on a daily basis are less likely than other children to be depressed.

Whether it’s hot or cold, coffee is one of the beverages frequently chosen worldwide at meal time or at any time.  People have been drinking and enjoying coffee for years, simply for the flavour.  Now, recent and current studies have shown that for most people, the health benefits of drinking coffee outweigh any health risks.  The health risks are commonly associated with existing medical conditions.  If ongoing and continued studies continue to show possible health benefits from drinking coffee, the popularity of coffee will increase as more and more people partake of the “new health food".
Author: Damien Higgins writes for the UKs No. 1 water cooler supplier, Eden Springs, who also supply business coffee machines.

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