Get Your Kids Moving! Enroll Them In A Basketball Club

It’s funny how kids can spend hours outside running and playing with their friends, but the second that they’re asked by their physical education teacher to run laps they become exhausted within seconds.

There’s a great solution to this ghost fatigue and it might be easier, and closer to home than you think!  Basketball clubs give parents the peace of mind that their child is getting a great workout while providing some real-life skills like patience, determination, loyalty and goal setting!  This fast-paced sport can burn up to 700 calories in an hour and helps kids to build endurance and improve both their coordination and their balance.

The fame of the NBA and WNBA can’t be ignored; basketball is one of the most watched (and most participated in) sports in the world!  Big name basketball players are the heroes of children and teenagers across American and on an international level as well.  It is important that kids see athletes in a positive light, because it can help parents get their foot in the door when it comes to suggesting a team sport, like local basketball clubs.

Hone Your Child’s Social Development
Basketball is a pretty well rounded sport, with the physical benefits being pretty much on par with the mental and social benefits.  Basketball teaches kids all about how to be a good team player.  Whether they’re hitting the court or contributing towards a group project at school, kids need to learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and accept differences in others.  Participating in a team sport fosters this type of behavior and draws kids together.

Joining local basketball clubs can also teach children discipline.  Having to attend practices and making sure they’re up for early morning games can set the standard for discipline.  From that discipline they can learn to set goals and accomplish whatever they put their minds to.

Exercise Does A Body Good
Fast food and video games seem to have stolen this generation from us, but parents are fighting back.  Obesity runs rampant across America and around the world and we’re finally cluing in that something needs to be done, and fast!  Basketball is a great way for your child to get the exercise that they need without actually making it out to be a workout.

Exercise has so many wonderful benefits, especially for children.  Playing basketball as a form of exercise can help to improve sleep patterns, alleviate stress and reduce the likelihood that your child develops depression, or a number of other ailments associated with obesity such as diabetes.

Basketball Helps Your Child In School, Too!
Forget the expensive private tutoring sessions, the skills learned out on the court can help your child’s academic performance.  Studies have been done on the correlation between children who participate in team sports and academic success and there is a link between the two.  Kids who play team sports are more likely to succeed from an educational standpoint than their peers who do not.  A physical activity that has the potential to increase your child’s grades? 

Yes Please!
If you’re a basketball aficionado, then you know that statistics are a big part of the game.  Dealing with statistics can help kids with their math skills the same way that playing basketball helps them with their motor skills and strategic thinking.  Talk about a double whammy!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have your kids engaged at both a physical, emotional and mental level.  Whether they win or lose the game really won’t matter when you consider that team sports can help kids win at the most important game that there is:  the game of life!
Bryon Blandin is the owner of Mambo Sports. Mambo Sports is committed to becoming the first complete national youth sports directory of up-to-date information for youth athletes.


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