Get Ripped Legs

Having a pair of ripped legs adds a lot of balance and symmetry to your physique. We’ve all seen the guys who do nothing but upper body and ignore their legs. They look weird and unbalanced. When you see someone with ripped legs, you know they are in great shape. Getting ripped legs isn’t as easy as it might seem either. You have to perform a wide array of exercises by combining multiple methods. You also have to eat a clean diet with a lot of protein. Here’s how to get ripped legs:

Strength Train
The legs are the biggest muscle group in the human body. To get ripped legs, you have to build a lot of muscle. To that end, you need to train your legs once or twice per week (yes that means you too, ladies).
A lot of women fall prey to the myth that they will get too bulky by strength training. This is a myth perpetuated by people who know absolutely nothing about working out. Women do not have the necessary testosterone to get bulging muscles from strength training. The end result for women you strength train is a body that is strong, toned, muscular, and lean.

Right Exercises
You want to start your workouts by performing compound leg exercises that incorporate multiple leg muscles. Compound leg exercises facilitate muscle growth and fat loss in the legs. Great compound leg exercises include:
    •    Squats 
    •    Leg Press 
    •    Dumbbell Lunges 
    •    Hack Squats 
    •    Box Jumps 
Performing four sets of ten repetitions is a good starting point. You want to make sure you give your legs the proper amount of recovery time between workouts. Train them no more than two times per week with at least two days of rest in between.

End your workouts with leg isolation exercises that target specific muscles. This will ensure your legs are completely blasted. These targeted exercises will help make sure your leg muscles are well-balanced and symmetrical. Some great exercises include:
    •    Leg extensions 
    •    Hamstring curls 
    •    Calf raises 
    •    Hip abductors 
You should perform four sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise.

If you really want to get ripped legs, then try doing cardio right after you lift. Why? The reason is your glycogen levels will be depleted, and your body will tap into stored fat for energy. This is when your legs are really going to get that shredded look you’ve always wanted.
Remember, you will have just completed a difficult workout so avoid the treadmill if you can. The best option would be the exercise bike. Ride the stationary bike for about 20 minutes on a light resistance. The point is to get a good burn going in the legs.

More Cardio
To get rid of the excess fat, you should engage in cardio 3-4 times per week in addition to your strength training leg workouts. Cardio will burn off any excess fat and reveal the muscle underneath.

There’s no way to get ripped legs without consuming a diet full of lean protein and quality carbs. You will need to consume some lean protein within thirty minutes of your workout to ensure proper muscle repair and growth. Most people find that a whey protein shake mixed with their favorite fruit and milk works best.
Follow the above steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting the ripped legs you’ve always wanted!

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