Get On The Fitness Bandwagon With These 5 Popular Workouts

In recent years, more and more people became more health-conscious. Organic and non-fat food became more ‘trendy’. And being into a fitness craze now makes you part of the ‘in’ crowd. It may seem like a passing fancy, but one thing’s for sure – , it’s always a good thing when people get excited about exercising. Do you want to jump into this bandwagon?

If you just said ‘Yes!’ to that question, then here are some of the top fitness crazes you can get into:
1. Zumba
It’s fun, it’s exciting, and anybody at any age can do it! Zumba’s party workout vibe hits it big with the young crowd, but its variations let the kids and the older crowd join in the fitness fun as well. This dance workout incorporates interval training moves to the tune of Latin beats, so you won’t even notice you’re doing a fitness workout!

2. Floating Yoga
Yoga has always been a popular fitness regimen. And it’s also the most innovated! Floating Yoga is one of its many variations, and this particular one is perfect a summer workout. It requires you to either sit on a paddle board, float in a body of water, or be suspended in a hammock while doing yoga moves. Being ‘buoyed’ in the water while ensuring balance as you do your workout is both calming and strengthening.

3. Exer-Gaming
Now this is one workout that you can definitely enjoy with the family!  Exer-gaming is basically doing exercises using gaming consoles like Wii. The participation of video gaming companies in the fitness craze gets kids and the young ones moving without the stigma of ‘working out’.
Imagine, a half-hour of virtual boxing already lets you burn 216 calories! There’s a whole selection of exercise games too, so you can change up your exer-gaming session whenever you want to.

4. Bokwa
There’s just something about dance that makes it the favorite element of fitness workout these days. If Zumba lets you burn the calories to the sound of Latin beats, Bokwa incorporates African customary dance moves with cardio conditioning and strength training exercises.
With the rhythmic African dances as part of this fitness routine, you’re sure to enjoy every minute of it!

5. Boxercise
If you don’t think you’re the dancing type, then boxercising is definitely one of the latest fitness crazes you should get into.
Boxing is now no longer just a sport for professionals, anyone who wants to get fit can now experience the benefits of boxing exercises like sparring, skipping, and shadow boxing. Some of the things you can improve on through boxercising are balance, strength, muscle tone, and agility among many others.
The latest fitness to encourage living a healthy lifestyle with the help of fun workouts, don’t hesitate to try out at least one of them and be the good kind of ‘trendy’!

Author: Samantha Dean is a blogger and fitness enthusiast. She has personally tried a number of workouts, including Zumba and yoga. Unique giveaway idea: how about giving away Zumba class gift certificates as bridal shower favors?

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