Get A Chiseled Out Body!

Having a round belly is simply not manly at all. Regardless of the age, a man should look fit to kill. Yes, we may not be in the caveman era now, but our natural instincts still make us want to look as if we have just returned from killing a bison. And as we already know, chiseled out body impresses women too even if they don't admit it.

Whichever group you may fall in: the round belly, gave up on looking fit type, or the trying hard but yet not there type, here is an effective way to get rid of those flabs, called high intensity interval training or HIIT.

Long Cardio or HITT 
There are two ways of doing HIIT. As the name suggests, this kind of exercise has short periods of time when you do rigorous, and I really mean the word, exercise, at a very fast pace. One way is to give your hundred and ten percent during one of these intervals. This means that during one, and all, of these high intensity periods, you have to really exert yourself. For a start, warm up comfortably for five minutes. Then, for around fifteen seconds, or up to thirty seconds, give your maximum effort. If you are on a treadmill, run very, very fast-as fast as you possible can. Then comes your recovery period. You can do this six to ten times. This means that you jog, or more likely simply walk, having become so tired, during this period, which should be around two minutes in duration.

Another way, and one which does not require you to be as hard on yourself, will need you to give a little less than your maximum. After warm up, run very fast for around forty five seconds to ninety seconds, at a little less than the highest speed that you are capable of. This should be followed up by a recovery period of at most two minutes. These periods of slower pace should be shorter because your body will not be totally exhausted after the high intensity period. There should be a minimum of five and a maximum of eight rounds of these. End the HIIT session with a cool down.

How It Works
HIIT helps you gain bulging muscles, and it also gets rid of the extra fat you may have developed. HIIT gives abs both a finishing touch and helps shape them up nice and fast. HITT keeps burning fat nine times more after you have stopped exercising, because the body takes in more oxygen, and burns it during the sedentary hours. What is most attractive is that this method of working out also cuts down on exercise time.
Remember: HIIT should not be done more than three times a week.

Article written by Andrew Ellis

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