Fruits and Vegetables The Secret to Combat Obesity

As the American obesity rate continues to climb at some of the highest levels in history, some health conscious individuals are taking the time to examine their diet and see how to combat the problem from within. Studies are showing that eating a healthy diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables is the secret to combat obesity.

Doctors suggest that obesity starts in the home. Healthy food habits at home may result in good habits outside of the home. Research shows that children of obese parents are more likely to be obese as adults due to the habits they witness in the home. These habits are carried out into adulthood and result in obese grown-ups. The process can be cyclical unless broken.

Eliminating high fat, carbohydrate rich foods in the home and filling the refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the key components to combating obesity. Both children and adults can lose weight eating fruits and vegetables and begin to combat obesity once and for all.

Below is a list of the best fruits and vegetables to eat when conquering the war against obesity:

Blueberries are full of antioxidants and versatile when it comes to preparation. Blueberries contain a significant amount of fiber that helps remove excess fat from the system. Snacking on a half-cup of blueberries, sprinkling them over yogurt or oatmeal, or mixing them in with whole wheat pancake mix are all excellent ways to incorporate blueberries into your diet and help combat obesity.

Blueberries are rich in flavor and full of nutrients that are good for the body’s system. Blueberries contain vitamin C which boosts the body’s immune system, keeping it healthy while losing weight.

The Food and Drug Administration report that pears contain nearly six grams of fiber in just one mid-sized fruit. This large content of fiber in each fruit fills a person up without packing on the weight. Pears contain pectin-fiber which is known to reduce blood sugar levels in the system and help you to avoid snacking in between meals. Pears

Grapefruit is one of the best fruits to eat when trying to lose weight. According to Scripps College’s Metabolic Research Center, eating a half of a grapefruit before a meal can actually help you to lose pounds. Studies have shown that eating grapefruits daily over a 12-week period of time helps to reduce the insulin levels in the body, which in turn causes the body to convert calories into energy – not fat!

Some disagree with watermelon as an obesity fighter, due in part because of the sugar levels it contains. However, watermelon is made up of a significant amount of water and acts as a natural diuretic. The sugar levels in watermelon make this fruit an excellent post-workout snack.

Broccoli is rich in antioxidants and fiber, both of which assist the body in combating obesity. Broccoli contains the appropriate amount of fiber to keep the system moving and excrete bile acids.

Broccoli is extremely low in calories and can be eaten raw for a light snack or cooked as an accompaniment to a lean meat or whole grain pasta dish. Broccoli’s low calorie content makes it a freebie in terms of snacking.

Leafy greens are an excellent source of vitamins and the sheer volume of consuming a large salad will inhibit you from eating other items. A salad rich in greens is a great way to lose weight if consumed as the evening meal or lunchtime portion. Adding 4 ounces of grilled chicken to the top of the salad provides a perfect meal rich in protein and fiber.

The American Dietetic Association reports that a large salad each day provides the body with high levels of vitamin E, C, folic acid and lycopene. These nutrients fight against disease and help to prevent obesity. Using a light vinaigrette dressing is a better alternative than fattening milk-based dressing such as ranch or bleu cheese.

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