Exercise Tips For College Students

College students are anything but lazy. They spend the majority of their lives attending classes, studying, researching, and completing projects.  Unfortunately, all of these are sedentary activities. So, while college students get a rigorous mental workout, their physical condition is often left unattended. If you are a college student, it is important to realize that getting enough physical exercise is an excellent way to keep yourself fit and to perform at your peak, both physically and mentally.

How Much Exercise Do You Need?
While some experts recommend that you get at least 2 hours of vigorous physical activity a day, that amount is simply unrealistic for most college students. With classes, studying, and work, who has an extra two hours? Luckily, exercising as few as three days a week will be enough to provide you with health benefits. Plus, if you can manage to get in an hour or so of exercise on most days, you will soon find that you are in excellent physical and mental condition. You will also sleep better, have increased concentration, and will be less likely to crave junk food. Other benefits of regular exercise include lowered stress and blood pressure, increased bone density, and greater self-confidence.

Exercise Tips How You Can Get Started
Most colleges offer excellent exercise facilities and classes. You are paying for them, so why not use them? If you want to start exercising but aren’t sure how, try these ideas:
• Use the gym – Most college gyms offer a full range of exercise equipment as well as a pool, aerobics, and yoga classes. Try them all until you find something you truly enjoy.
• Get outside – Try walking at the local track or on hiking trails. If you don’t enjoy walking, why not give skating or biking a try? Just be sure to be safe. If you are going to be out at night, find a workout partner to join you.
• Have a ball  Many campuses have racquetball and tennis courts and may even have golf courses. Taking up a new sport is a great way to expand your horizons and to meet new people.
• Join a club – If you love sports but aren’t quite at the NCAA level, give intramural sports a try. Many campuses have intramural leagues in ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball, and more.

Can You Overdo It?
Believe it or not, you can exercise too much. Overdoing it can put strain on your joints and cause muscle weakness. When you workout, you should push yourself, but not too far. Also allow time between workouts for your body to recover. You should also be aware that exercise could become an addiction. If you start letting exercise interfere with your relationships, you skip classes or time with friends to exercise, or you become abnormally concerned with exercise, you should speak with a health professional to get things into perspective. Just remember that exercise, like everything else, is great in moderation but can be damaging if it is overdone.

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