Eat These Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

Looking to lose 10, 20 or even 50 pounds?  It is possible to do without starving yourself and incorporating the right food choices.  Some of the best foods for weight loss taste great and fill you up.  There is no need to slash calories and put your body into starvation mode to lose weight. Below are some of the best foods for weight loss available.  By adding in these top foods and changing your eating habits you will be on your road to losing the pounds of fat you want to lose.

1.    Greek yogurt
Dieticians and nutritionists agree that Greek yogurt is one of the most perfect foods in the universe.  Yogurt is made up of the perfect balance of fat, protein and carbs.  The macronutrient combination keeps the blood sugar balanced and insulin levels low.  Greek yogurt provides the body with additional protein needed for muscle building.
2.    Apples
The antioxidants found in raw apples have metabolic syndrome fighting properties.  Rather than being apple shaped, eating an apple each day may cause the opposite effect.  There is approximately five grams of fiber in an apple which fills the stomach upon consumption.  You are less likely to feel hungry after eating an apple than when any other fruit is consumed.
3.    Black beans 
There have been many studies conducted on individuals who consume beans on a regular basis.  Beans have fat fighting agents that are in the form of nutrients.  Some of these weight loss nutrients include fiber, protein and resistant starch.
4.    Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the finest and purest forms of carbohydrates.  Raw and natural oats that must be cooked are the kind to consume rather than the instant variety.  Oatmeal fills up the stomach and sticks with you until the next meal time.  Oatmeal provides calorie burning energy that helps to shed pounds from the waistline.
5.    Raw almonds
Raw almonds eaten for snacks is a better choice than chips, crackers or other high in sugar processed goody.  Raw almonds are high in fat, so it is recommended that one to two ounces at a time be consumed.  Almonds work to reduce blood sugar and insulin spikes which are known to pack on the waistline inches.
6.    Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest fats to consume while trying to lose weight.  Drizzling olive oil on salads, veggies or preparing with chicken provides a healthy alternative to otherwise artery clogging fats and oils.  The antioxidant power found in vegetables can be enhanced when prepared in a tablespoon of olive oil.
7.    Mushrooms
This meaty vegetable fills you up without filling you out.  Mushrooms, especially Portobello, are low in calories and rich in flavor.  Instead of consuming high fat meat products, mushrooms can be used to reduce calories in meals.  One cup of mushrooms is less than twenty calories and contains no fat to speak of.
8.    Egg whites 
Egg whites provide the body with one of the best sources of protein.  There is no fat in egg whites, just pure protein to help build lean muscle which in turn burns calories and prevents those unwanted pounds from showing up.  Egg whites cooked in olive oil for breakfast provide the perfect energy boosting food.
9.    Vinegar
Used as more of a seasoning than food, vinegar is a freebie that can be used on nearly everything from salads to veggies.  Vinegar spices otherwise bland foods with taste and flavor.  Insulin levels can be lowered by using vinegar daily.  Instead of drops in blood sugar that trigger hunger, the use of vinegar may have the opposite effect.
10. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a great spice that brings flavor to fruit, oatmeal or yogurt.  A half of a teaspoon is said to help control the blood sugar levels and prevent insulin from spiking after meal consumption.  The natural sweetness of foods can be enhanced with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

With a few tweaks to the diet and an implementation of healthy food alternatives the weight can be diminished over time.  Shed the pounds by incorporating healthier food choices from our best foods for weight loss list.

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