Drop 5 Pounds in a Week!

Stop seeing your weight loss plan like a nightmare and start to see results without sacrifices. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. We chose 10 tips that there are more than simple gestures and can easily be incorporated into your day-to-day routine to drop 5 pounds in a week. Choose the best for you or combine several for a diet full of successes.

Ally With a Professional – A nutritionist is a great way to start a diet, keep it and turn it into a healthy lifestyle. In addition to advice, a dietitian is still an important source of motivation.

Do not Weigh Yourself Every Time
Weighing yourself three times a day hoping to see how many pounds you lost will not help your diet. Rather, it will contribute to increased levels of frustration. To really see results, weigh yourself once a week at most.

Symbol of Motivation
It can be a beautiful evening dress or your favorite jeans… what matters is that the symbol chosen is in sight to remind you your every mission, which is weight loss. After a few weeks, try on this piece of clothing and see how it finally no longer hangs on the thighs!

Calories vs. Exercises 
To lose weight, you must eat fewer calories or burn more calories. Typically, the weight loss plans focus on only reducing your calorie intake. You should also direct focus on burning calories – especially for those who have great difficulty changing their eating habits.

Healthy Fresh Foods 
Eliminate processed foods, frozen and precooked, opting instead for fruit and vegetables for the day, fresh meat and fish. In addition to losing weight, these changes in your nutrition also bring other benefits – less fatigue and fewer headaches.

Do Not Skip Breakfast 
The first meal of the day is the most important for several reasons: to break the long fasting of the night, a healthy breakfast will provide the necessary energy for the day ahead – and it will regulate the appetite to ensure that you do not overeat your next meal.

Occasional Temptations 
Try to bind your craving foods for special occasions: for example, eat ice cream whenever you go to the movies. Pizza every Friday night is a tradition for many people. No problem. By keeping these “traditions” you are reserving these foods exclusively for those days only.

Cereal Snack
Instead of the usual mixed toast, croissants or cakes for lunch opt for a bowl of cereal with skim milk: a satiating meal, tasty, easy to vary (just change the type of cereal) and low in calories.

Feel What You Missed - The next time you feel like escaping to the diet, take 3 pounds of sugar or a sack of potatoes with 5 pounds and remember that you already lost all that weight a while back and do not want to gain it again!

Celebrate Every Victory 
Set a realistic goal. Every time you lose 5 pounds or so, treat yourself. The recognition of the effort is the motivation you need to take another step towards success and achieve the desired result.

Written by Julieth

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