Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Yoga does help you lose weight when accompanied with a healthy diet and strength training program.  Doing yoga by itself while eating junk food may not provide you with weight loss benefits, but when implemented into a nutritional program can do the trick.

Yoga is a great way to strength train and tone your muscles.  The breathing strategies and stress relief tactics it offers actually helps promote your weight loss efforts.  Weight loss can be achieved through a nutritious diet accompanied with three to four sessions of yoga a week.  Women report that when combining yoga with proper nutrition they lose on average between ten and fifteen pounds within three months.

Yoga works muscles in your body that are not typically worked through conventional exercise.  The core is a primary focus and yoga promotes strength in this area to promote weight loss efforts.  Yoga is a great exercise if performed consistently for strength training and increased muscle tone.

Yoga’s breathing tactics that are taught help women and men relieve tension and stress from their body.  The balance and strength required combined with the breathing techniques provides stress hormone release from the system that helps in promoting weight loss.

Overall, yoga is a beneficial tool for stimulating weight loss efforts and jump starting a solid weight loss program.  Beginners are always welcome at yoga classes.

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