Does Working Out Increase Testosterone?

Looking for natural ways to boost testosterone levels in your body – try exercise.  Working out actually increases your testosterone.

Working out in combination with adequate rest actually improves testosterone levels.  If you over-train you may actually do damage to your system but if you work hard and rest even harder, your body may increase more testosterone. Research shows that lifting heavier weights and doing more repetitions can improve testosterone levels in both men and even women.

The key is to work large muscle groups at one time with heavier weight.  Strength training works to increase testosterone but requires ample rest following the workout.  This means that getting adequate rest at night is critical to improving one’s testosterone level.

Resting is the critical component aside from working out when trying to elevate your testosterone level.  It is important to work out and then allow yourself enough time recuperate between workout sessions.  Some symptoms of over-training include insomnia, muscle fatigue, muscle shrinkage and irritability.  If you experience these symptoms following a workout, you may not be allowing yourself enough time to rest in between sessions.

It is recommended that a full eight hours of sleep be acquired in between workouts and that the same muscle groups not be worked out more than two consecutive days in a row.  Give yourself time to recuperate.

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