Does Whey Protein Make You Gain Weight?

Using Whey Protein to make you gain weight does work if done correctly. Hard gainers are always reporting the trouble they have gaining weight, and many turn to whey protein to assist with their efforts.

Whey protein, by itself, won’t help you gain weight.  It must be combined with a nutritious meal plan in order to assist with weight gain.  Hard gainers report that mixing whey protein with milk and peanut butter two to three times a day can actually increase the weight by 1 pound a week.  If you are trying to gain muscle and not fat, you must make sure that the rest of your diet complies with muscle gaining protein foods and low fat sources.

Women who are concerned about gaining weight while drinking whey protein can rest assured.  Unless you combine the whey with fatty foods, you should not be concerned about unwanted weight gain.  A healthy and low-cal means of mixing whey protein is to add a scoop to some 40-cal almond milk or even mix it up with water.  Drinking it in whole milk can have adverse effects on a weight loss plan.

Whey protein is low in fat and carbs.  It is a great way to help you gain weight or assist you in losing weight, depending on what affect you are after.  Preparing it the right way is necessary to achieve the results you desire.

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